Season 3 Week 1

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Season 3 Week 1 Empty Season 3 Week 1

Post  Trent on Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:22 am

1st- Steve - 5 Pts 40$
2nd- Bob N - 3 Pts 30$
3rd- Ryan - 2 Pts 20$

4th- Cathy 10$
5th- Edelynn
6th- Trent
7th- Chris
8th- Radu
9th- Shay
10th- Jess

Season 3 kicked off with a bang, with a massive 10 player game, 9 of which contributed 5 dollars for league pay. With the final table in sight, The league picked up right where it left off with some familiar sights, Trent runs up big stack, Trent immediately loses big stack, Cathy/Ryan hold on together for dear life for the min cash, Bob N down but not out so many times in a grueling heads up match, and of course Steve having a "good Steve" day and starting out strong as he has done in the past and taking down the first heat and of course those oh so GLORIOUS 5 POINTS!


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