Season 3 Week 2

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Season 3 Week 2 Empty Season 3 Week 2

Post  Trent on Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:26 am

1st- Bob N - 5 Pts $40
2nd- Cathy - 3 Pts $20
3rd- Trent - 2 Pts $10
4th- Edelynn
5th- Chris
6th- Dad
7th- Steve

A long awaited week 2 saw just 7 players, but was a fast and action packed heat, perhaps one of the fastest games played in league history. Some fun story-lines here included Steve going from first to worst this week, Edelynn unluckily finishing 1 spot away from the money for two weeks in a row, ouch, and Trent finishing with a min cash after a late show thanks to an assist by the pizza lady # dedication... But the main stories here were the dominant performance by Cathy who was just a KQ v K9 all in preflop hold away from basically a wire to wire show, couldn't dodge that pesky 9, and of course the big win from Ol' Man River himself after now getting down to the final 2 in consecutive weeks. He now sits alone up top with 8 points in just 2 weeks!


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