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- All Tournaments will have an official start time, typically 7:00PM on Saturday, and will be listed under the weeks events.

- You must enter a tournament no later than 10 minutes before the official start time. If you are going to be late you must contact the appropriate person before this time to let them know you are coming. You will be randomly selected a seat and blinded beginning at the official start time until you arrive. If you don't notify somebody you will not be allowed to participate in that week's events.

- Timing rules are as follows:
- You may leave the table at any time, but any player may call a thirty second timer on you.
- After the timer has been called on your three times, your hand is automatically folded if you are away from the table and it is your turn.

- A tournament must have a minimum of 6 players in order to count toward the League. Points will be given to top 3 finishers only. Unless the game is over 12 players, in which 4 places will be awarded points.

3: 1st Place = 5
2nd Place = 3
3rd Place = 2

4: 1st Place = 5
2nd Place = 3
3rd Place = 2
4th Place = 1

- To receive points you must have paid the $5 Poker League fee before the tournament begins.

- If a tournament player places in the top three but did not pay the Poker League fee no points will be awarded for that place.

- No points will be awarded to a tournament player who re-bought back into the tournament and placed in the top three.

- The Poker league will accumulate points for 12 tournaments, usually played every other week. After the 12th tournament there will be a Championship Tournament which will only include the top 6-8 players in points.

-If two or more players tie for the last remaining seat(s) the following rules will take place:
-The tied players will have a (no entry fee) turbo tournament between themselves.
-These players will receive the standard $10 in chips and the tournament will be in turbo mode (Blinds go up every 15 minutes).
-The tournament will end when the number of remaining players equals the number of seats that are remaining for the Championship Tournament.
-No additional points are awarded in this tournament.

-The Championship Tournament will only pay for the top 3 finishers and will pay off:
-1st - 60% of all Poker League entry fees
-2nd - 30% of all Poker League entry fees
-3rd - 10% of all Poker League entry fees

-If the final pot reaches $500 by week eight, the final table player limit will increase to eight players.

-The Championship Tournament final six/eight will be given poker chips based on the amount of points they have accumulated. 1 point = $1 in chips, 5 points = $5 in chips, etc…

-The Championship Tournament will also have an optional $5 entry fee which will give that player an additional $5 in poker chips.

-The Championship Tournament will use the standard blind structure and will not have any re-buys available

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