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Post  Scat Damon on Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:24 pm


In your shallow six-max online SnG, effective stacks $1000 and blinds at $20/40, it's folded to the TAG cut-off who raises to $100. He is a solid player who doesn't often get out of hand. It's folded to you in the big blind and you three bet to $250 with J♥T♥ thinking he may be making a move. He four-bets you to $410. You call. The flop comes A♦ 6♦ T♠. There is $840 in the pot.

Answer: Shove all-in

This flop is better than it looks. Your opponent is almost certainly holding a big pair JJ+, but when you raise OOP and then just call, you're representing hands like AK AQ AJ AT and maybe some smaller pairs. A solid TAG will see this. That makes this flop a perfect spot for a second barrel. It hits your perceived range hard and he will likely fold everything but aces if you shove here. Sometimes you may get called and be crushed, but more often than not you'll take down the pot without contest.

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