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Post  Scat Damon on Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:19 pm


You’re playing in a high-stakes cash game in Vegas. In this hand you raise to $250 under the gun with A♠A♥. Player 2 calls right after you and the other 4 players at the table call behind. The flop comes T♠ 2♥ 2♦. The blinds check and you bet $1,200. Player 2 thinks for a moment before raising to $4,500. It’s folded around to the small blind, who cold-calls, and you think before calling. The turn comes the 7♦. The SB checks; you check; Player 2 bets $13,000 and the small blind folds. Your read on Player 2 is that he is a very aggressive but extremely solid player, and is capable of all sorts of things.

Correct Answer: Raise all-in

This is a very difficult hand, but you must look at a few things. For one, your opponent is very agressive and is extremely capable of running up huge bluffs. Two, your hand looks exactly like what it is. You raised under the gun, then bet into seven people and then called a raise on a ten-high board. It should be immediately apparent that you have an overpair. Because your opponent knows that you are probably unlikely to want to go broke with an overpair in this spot, he can put the pressure on you and get you to fold. Meaning you should probably find a call. It is a tough spot because he’s showing so much strength, but against this type of opponent you really have to just go with it. So get it all-in.

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