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Post  Scat Damon on Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:38 pm


You are playing in the later stages of a two-table sit-and-go with blinds at $1.50/3. You are the chip leader with about $75 and have been running over the table. In this hand it's folded to you and you make it $9 to go in the cut-off with AJ off-suit. The button then shoves all-in for $40 and the blinds fold.

Correct Answer: Call

As mentioned, you’ve been running over the table, and the button may have finally decided to play back at you. It’s possible he’s pushing somewhat wide, since he knows you have been opening light. That - and the fact that if he is pushing light even a small percentage of the time, you’re getting 1.5-1 to call - makes it a mandatory call.

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