February 4, 2102 - QOTD

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February 4, 2102 - QOTD

Post  Scat Damon on Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:05 pm

You're playing in a six-max game online. In this hand, it's raised in the cut-off to $7. You call on the button and a fish calls in the small blind. The big blind calls as well and you take a flop four-handed. The flop comes K♦ 2♣ 4♠ and it's checked around to you. You fire $18 and the fish in the small blind calls. Everyone else folds. The turn comes 8♥. The fish checks and you bet $40. The fish calls. The river comes J♠. The fish leads for $90.

Correct Answer: Fold

This is a spot where a fold is probably best. Your opponent very likely has K-J after calling in a four-way pot and calling the turn. Now once he hits a jack he leads knowing you have a king. It sucks to fold after investing so much and getting unlucky, but it's probably the best play.

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