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7 handed $100 stacks blinds $1/2 A solid yet predictable player raises to $6 pre-flop; you call with 9♥10♥ and the two of you go heads-up to a flop of K♥2♣3♣. He checks, you check. On the 8♠ turn he bets 10$. What should you do?

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Post  Scat Damon on Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:47 am

Correct Answer: Raise

There are only two possibilities: he was trying to check-raise you with AA on the flop, or he has nothing. When you checked the flop, he put you on being weak and bet the turn, trying to take down the pot. Because he’s a predictable ABC player, unless he has a set we know there is no way he hit the flop or the turn. ABC players taking shots will protect their big hands on a potentially dangerous board. Due to the possible flush draw on the flop, if this player had AA or another monster hand he would almost certainly have bet the flop, protecting the hand against a draw. Although there’s a chance that you’ll be playing into a monster, odds are this player has absolutely nothing, and will fold to your well-sized raise (say $30 or $40).

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